Saturday, 27 July 2013

First Choice/Best Choice

Ever consider that David was not God's first choice for King? Saul was the first one chosen. Regardless of what people say about Saul, he was sent by God to Samuel as an answer to the prayer of God's people. YOU also are an answer to somebody's prayer. David wasn't the first choice - but he was the BEST choice.

If you are serving under someone else, "whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as TO THE LORD, and not unto men." (Col 3:22) work as if you were working for Jesus because the Lord see's your effort and "you shall receive the reward of your inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ." 

David was a man after God's heart and that is why he ended up in the role that Saul was originally given. He was a man after- in pursuit of - God's heart. Your ROLE changes but your PURPOSE doesn't. If your passion is God's presence and you stay focused on fulfilling your present assignment, you will discover that what you are doing now is actually preparing you for what your NEXT ROLE is going to be.

Esther was not the Kings first choice - she ended up replacing Queen Vashti.

You may feel like you are running LAST but the last are often FIRST before the story is over. The "first born" in the family were the ones with the Birthright and the Inheritance. However....

Isaac was second to Ishmael.

Jacob was second to Esau.

Joseph was 11th out of 12 and anything but the first choice of his brothers.

Moses was not the people's choice for a deliverer - they drove him into a dessert.

Jeremiah was not Israel's first choice for a Prophet, but he was Gods.

Peter and the rest of the disciples in Galilee were not the local Rabbi's first choice. All young men went to Hebrew school, but by 13 were either encouraged to continue with the Rabbi and be further trained or were told to "go learn the trade of your father." When Jesus saw Peter, James, Andrew and John they were doing like the Rabbi said - working in their fathers fishing business.

NOW the CRAZIEST of all overlooks in history....Jesus of Nazareth was overlooked by the local Rabbi as a qualified recruit for the ministry.

Stay faithful to your present call, stay passionate about His presence and stay OPEN to the providential way's that God open's door's because YOU are an answer to someone's prayer and your gift's are a solution to someone's problem. Be an expert problem solver and you accelerate your's just a mater of time.

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