Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Your Mine!

Lied to and heavily yoked, weighted down until I nearly choked,
As I crawled in the dirt with my heavy load, 
a filthy mess or so I was told.
One after another Dragon piled on the shame. 
I guessed it was me who was to blame.

In the Distance I saw Him there.
He was so beautiful I couldn’t help but stare.
On a white horse with a flying mane, 
hope sprung anew, in the midst of my pain. 

Help I cried from the dust of the ground, and my heart leapt at the clopping hooves sound.
He was beautiful, this white knight, this prince;
And with one look of His eyes I haven’t been the same since.

You’re altogether lovely my lady and bride! I was speechless although my heart sang inside.
“What’s this heavy weight you bear? I looked down again, too ashamed to share.
The Dragon has lied and I was full of pride. I believed his promises for fortune, wealth and fame but in the end it only caused me pain.

My burdens were labelled, the prince could see; 
disease, stress, strife, with old selfish me.
“You’re beautiful sir, and wise I can see too! 
What must I do to be free like you?”

He said those words again about being ravished by me. I could scarce believe. 
“I alone can give you permanent reprieve. “

“Yes I’ll do anything you say! 
I looked in His eyes and my heart began to sway.
All I could see was love shining inside. 
“You’re altogether lovely my princess, my bride!”
“You ravish me my love. 
This war will be won with strength from above.” 

“It won’t be easy daughter; 
If you’re willing to follow my Father,
I will make all things new!”
He exclaimed and began to trade garments with me, 
then seemed to take my burdens with a kind of glee. 

Before he left he set a table to dine and 
declared what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine!
Enjoy my bride and in three days hence 
you and I shall sup together as lady and gent. 

”What are you going to do my love?”
“I’m going to teach that dragon not to mess with my lady with eyes of a dove.
Your eyes ravish me my lady my bride. Wait for me while I destroy the Dragon’s lies!”

And with His heavy load and dirty clothes my prince, my knight went into the cave,
with no thought for himself but only for me to save.

For three days I waited and the fight went on.
At one point I thought my prince was gone. 
But on the third day just as he said, 
He galloped towards me on his trusty stead.

He no longer was dirty and weighted down tight.
He was free, clean and dressed like me in a garment of white.
It’s time for our wedding my lady my bride and we ate and supped
While the bound up dragon watch and sighed.

Into my chambers now my bride my love.
I have new gifts for you from my Father above.
Peace, joy, contentment and trust; 
the gifts kept coming until I thought my heart would bust.
But I haven’t anything to give you I sighed.
Oh but you already have, your heart my bride.

We then entered into his chambers and the secrets we shared were so intimate and fine.
I never new life could be so sublime.
Kindness, love, righteousness and joy,
My Bridegroom roars and the dragon shakes like a wee boy.
“She’s not yours! She’s is mine!”
And in the chambers after we have supped,
together we drink of the marriage cup. 

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  1. His mouth is sweetness itself; he is altogether lovely. This is my beloved, this is my friend, daughters of Jerusalem.
    Song of Songs 5:15-16